We are facing a crucial sociological change in the business landscape worldwide. The technological changes that occur every day are marking the rules of the game, which is why companies, entrepreneurs, workers and both current and future students must update the way they face future employment. In a dynamic market environment, it is important that people seek a continuous development of their skills to remain attractive to employers. And it is in that dynamic character that the basis of learnability lies.


The definition of learnability refers to curiosity and the ability to learn new skills to stay employable in the long term. In these times of changes that we have recently experienced, it will not be strange for anyone to find a job and conduct the dreaded job interviews. Every day lots of curricula are sent in which we capture our professional experience and skills. And it is precisely in that radiography of our professional life that companies are based when hiring. A whole science in charge of explaining your possibilities as a future worker. But the methods and ways of working are constantly evolving and the specialists of a single process or function are called to extinction.

Employers Have To Recognize And Reward Learnability

What society begins to demand, increasingly, are people with the ability to adapt and learn. Professional success is determined by the ability of an individual to adapt to change and their willingness to take responsibility for the development of their career. The characteristics that define a good learnability would be the ease of learning new concepts or processes; and the predisposition to investigate and train in new fields, which could be defined as the thirst for knowledge. And finally, a positive attitude towards new challenges.

When facing a job interview, the interviewer must look for the candidate’s future potential. A person willing to grow and evolve along with the various functions that he will perform. Its adaptability will allow it to adjust to the needs of the market. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and current president of Wikipedia, alluded to the concept of versatile learning animals, versatile great apprentices, in the search for future employees.

It should be noted that when talking about learning, venturing and being constantly informed, it always refers to the same field of work. Do not confuse acquiring knowledge within the same branch, with being an apprentice of many trades and a teacher of none. It’s always about exploring your skills and abilities within your professional field. Although knowledge of other areas is always beneficial without abandoning our goal.

A characteristic closely related to the current youth generation. The so-called digital natives, have a predisposition for the acquisition of knowledge, large amounts of information and constant training. What is still a skill that must be worked daily. It only remains then to train the brain to maintain an attitude and an aptitude to learn.