Vidyard gathers all the ingredients to work with videos without going to YouTube, a professional alternative that adapts to your needs. YouTube has become the main video platform, but it is clearly not the only one. Vimeo, for example, has stood out for being a serious alternative specially designed for artists and film directors.

record and share videos

On a professional level, there are other platforms where you can upload video and integrate it into social networks or your website, differentiating yourself from YouTube because of the tools and options it offers to edit video, do SEO tracking, customize the player, etc.

An example is Vidyard, a Canadian platform that aims to help our business or company to squeeze the possibilities of video on the Internet in areas such as marketing, sales or customer service. To do this, try to cover all aspects of the video from its conception to its publication and subsequent monitoring of its impact on the network.

Record And Share

Although we can use Vidyard only as a video storage space to share them from a link or by integrating them into your website, it offers other associated services such as a video recording tool.

Available as an extension for Google Chrome, this tool is integrated into the browser and allows you to record video from an open window, from the entire computer screen or from our webcam or camera connected to the PC or Mac.

In a simple and agile way, we can make the recording, review it and upload it directly to the Vidyard server for later sharing. In addition, we will obtain information about the views and reproductions as well as if the video has been viewed whole or only part.

All in one

Vidyard allows you to customize the look and functionality of your player, which, like YouTube, can be inserted into your blog or web page or simply shared from your link as it will be available to anyone visiting it from any device.

YouTube Alternatives

For the rest, Vidyard allows to obtain statistical results of its viewings and SEO help so that the videos reach more and better our potential users. We can even create a personalized page to show all the videos as if it were a YouTube channel.

Depending on the use we want to give it, this platform has concrete solutions for sales, marketing or for more direct use such as guides, video tutorials, webinars, etc. And to get an idea, we can consult the examples of other users and their use of Vidyard.

For all pockets

As usual in this type of services, Vidyard is financed through annual subscriptions, although the price is indicated in monthly instalments.

To test the service or for initial use, we can use this platform for free by uploading and sharing videos without limits. The only one, that we can only integrate 5 videos on our website and that we will not have access to certain functions such as customizing the page where the video is viewed or hiding the Vidyard logo.

In case we want to make intensive use and / or have other functions such as inserting interactive buttons in the videos, customize the player and/or the page where to display the videos, audio transcripts, A / B tests, etc. We must go to one of the subscriptions mentioned.