Prepare Your Hotel To Welcome Your Holiday Guests

A hotel floor mats may see plenty of traffic, but often they become a part of the surroundings so much that it can be quite easy to forget even to replace them.

You may have the best cleaning team, but hotel floor bathmats will need replacement quite often. The kind of bacteria that they will be subjected to daily, along with the number of different people who may come and go in the hotel setting that is simply unavoidable.

A suitable premium carpet logo mats in the hotel is a sign of general cleanliness that any visitor may expect in the building. Any gunked-up mat with a very dirty underside is just an unwelcoming indication of carelessness attitude and lack of attention to every detail.

Where should you use a new floor mat?


The hotel’s entryway will always make a statement, and surely you will not prefer a shoddy entrance mat to detract from the overall beauty. Probably you can prefer custom logo mats along with your hotel’s graphics welcoming your guests while they approach the entrance.

You will never like that your customers form a poor impression of your hotel even before they have walked into the door.

In case your logo mats are not looking good then it is better to get them replaced sooner than later. You can purchase plenty of logo mats from the market. Never keep any worn-out mat near the entrance.

Front desk

Your front desk is another place where your guests are going to spend some time after they have entered your hotel building. You will always like to make a good first impression of your hotel.

Many hotels prefer to spend money on custom logo mats that they will place near the main desk for greeting all guests, while in all others places, floor runners in your entryway will guide guests to the check-in desk directly.

The front desk staff members work hard and welcome guests with smiling faces. They get tired as they stand most of the time. Make sure that you choose a few anti-fatigue mats so that they can stay alert, energetic, and help your guests.


Your hotel may have a small kitchen or a full-service restaurant, you must evaluate the need for kitchen mats for the area. It is very essential to have a non-slip type of commercial kitchen mat and after years of use, it may look worse due to wear and tear.

Ensure that the mat placed near your prep stations and the dishwasher has the necessary tread, and order for non-slip anti-fatigue mats to be used by chefs who must be spending long hours standing on their feet the whole day.


Your hotel must be having long hallways, and probably you have a patterned carpet or tile to complement the rest of your building. Placing a couple of floor runners near the elevator on your main floor will be great to keep all your guests safe after they walked through your doors.

Hotels may be large enough for some guests, and people may appreciate a floor runner to guide them to the elevator after checking in.