We investigate which paintings cannot be hung in a home or apartment. What cannot be hung above the bed in the bedroom? Why can’t paintings of flowers or water be hung? More information can be found in the new article!

Paintings in a house

You may wonder why you can’t keep paintings or canvas prints at home. Of course, hanging paintings, panels, and other decorative elements of the house are allowed and even necessary overall. After all, a well-chosen picture can add comfort and warmth to a room, and generally classify the owner of the home.

Because of myths, mystical or rather true rules, as well as eastern teachings, many people advise staying away from certain types of paintings and subjects. The same is correct for location – what is proper for one room may not be proper for another, and opposite.

So, what should we do, and how should we choose the right painting so that it does not violate any rules, but only brings positive emotions and energy to its owners? Let’s see together to figure it out!

The meaning of paintings in the house

The meaning of paintings in the house Often, home decorators and apartment decorators choose paintings for the house based on a single principle: they must be comparable to the interior, or at least lovely and beautiful. However, not all of them find the meaning of this artwork.


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Paintings in the house are primarily needed in order to: 

  • decorate the interior; 
  • hide the apartment’s flaws, such as an uneven wall or an unsightly electric shield in the hallway
  • place a gift from a loved one;
  • If you follow the Feng Shui philosophy, hang a painting according to the principles and rules of Feng Shui.
  • Simply make yourself happy by displaying the artwork of your favorite artist or a canvas print of one of it.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to hang an image in your home; all that remains is to select the right one while rejecting inappropriate images.

What paintings can’t be hung at home and why

Anyone, even the most uninformed on the subject, will tell you that it is best not to own terrible images in the house, depicting tragic events such as death, famine, war, and disease. Furthermore, as previously stated, not all paintings that are appropriate for the hallway can be placed in the bedroom. Let’s look at some examples to see which paintings should not be hung in the house.

What could possibly be wrong with flowers? However, you will be surprised to know that it is better not to hang paintings of flowers in an apartment or, at the very least, in a specific room. The problem would be, of course, not fragrant and vibrant roses, peonies, or bouquets of wildflowers. On the contrary, it is not recommended to show paintings or photographs with fading or dried flowers.

Paintings with a waterfall

Water as a symbol in the interior of the house has always had a special meaning. On the one hand, Feng Shui advises against displaying paintings of water in the home because the water in certain states brings negative energy. However, this is more about standing water, such as a pond or a swamp.

Because the waterfall brings living energy and power, paintings depicting it can be hung in the home. The waterfall represents wealth, good fortune, and money. The cash flow, like a powerful stream of water, will be directed to you, attracting abundance and prosperity to your home.

Why can’t you hang a painting like that above your bed? The problem is that having images of water in the bedroom takes off the room’s calm energy. Such paintings, on the other hand, will look lively and interesting in a workspace or living room.

Paintings with wolves and other animals 

Can I hang paintings of wolves in my home? After all, these are still wild animals with their own unique energy. If the animal is depicted in hunting scenes, such a painting should not be hung in the house because it will provoke aggression and create an imbalance.

However, if the animals and birds are calm and peaceful, or if it is a mother with a baby bear, such paintings can be hung in the home. For example, if these are pictures of baby animals-children, they could be displayed in the living room or the children’s room.

By the way, if a painting with a wild animal, for example, with a lion, is created in the style of pop art or in a cartoon manner, then it can be easily hung in the house.

Paintings with unknown symbols 

It is best to avoid having such paintings in your home, especially if you do not know what is depicted in the artwork.

For example, it could be Eastern hieroglyphs, runes, or Celtic symbols. Do not hang such paintings in your home unless you are aware of their meaning. People frequently hang paintings with negative connotations because they are unaware of the negative energy coming from such artworks.

After all, if you’ve chosen the right and correct painting, feel free to hang it in the living room, corridor, or near the home library.

Paintings depicting ruins

This can also include paintings depicting all the misfortunes, for example, scenes of war or natural disasters. It is unlikely, of course, that you go to hang such a painting in the bedroom or in the kitchen, as, indeed, in the whole house, because the painting should please and bring a feeling of happiness when looking at it. Leave such paintings to museums, and do not hang such paintings in any room in your house.

Paintings with people showing negative emotions

Such paintings, like others, generate negative energies. When viewing such scenes, a person usually unwittingly absorbs the emotions that the people in the painting are experiencing.

It is preferable to remove such paintings from the house because they will constantly remind you of the negative consequences. Paintings depicting various human vices are also included. Yes, it exists in our lives, but do you want to be reminded of it on a daily basis? It is preferable to drop such paintings, even if they are reproductions of famous artists.

Paintings and photos with dead relatives

It is usual in great families to decorate living rooms and offices with portraits of their ancestors, for example, great-great-great-grandmothers dressed in beautiful gowns from another era.

Such paintings can be hung in the house, but only as an exception – in an uninhabited room, for example, a living room, an office, a library.

But pictures with recently deceased relatives can definitely not be placed in bedrooms, kitchens, children’s rooms, because of the signs and poor energy.

In particular, all paintings with an association with death are not allowed to be hung in the apartment. They unquestionably carry negative energy and will disrupt your peace and stability.

Paintings of a lonely object

Is it possible to hang a painting in the house of a lonely flower in a vase or a tree standing alone in a field, for example? 

The truth is that lonely images carry negative energy, which can have a negative impact on the overall atmosphere of the house. It is best to avoid such images if you are trying to overcome loneliness in your life or find your soulmate.

Finally, I believe that my short review will help you in selecting the most appropriate and appealing picture for your home. In any case, whatever you choose should be guided first and above all by your inner world. If you like the painting, you are welcome to hang it in your home. After all, if you look at it and experience positive emotions, it means that it has already achieved a part of its goal.